27 December 2013

Welcome the New Year in style with Missguided

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And so begins the mad in-betweeny bit of December, after Christmas but before the start of the next year; the few days of frustration and stress and an overused credit card in the flustered hunt for the perfect New Year's Eve party outfit.

But luckily this year Missguided have got us all covered (in grungey leatherette and organza).

Frizz-free curls (and NO damage from heat styling!)

I have received compliments and remarks of jealousy from straight-haired friends on my thick natural ringlets for as long as I can remember - but I couldn't disagree more. For years I've woken up morning after morning and spent up to an hour (sometimes longer) trying to tame my bedhead and have gone through regrettable haircut changes (let's just say, from hip-length to ear-length) to control the mischievous mane that is my hair.
I went through stages in my younger teens of spending forty minutes straightening every last kink out, only to step outside or, god forbid, go to bed to have all of my painstaking work reversed. 

Now however, at the age of 16 (and 11 months) I have come to an agreement with my hair. If I slather it in miracle conditioners and treatments and creams and spritzes, will it please do what I want it to?
Apparently, if I use Umberto Giannini's FRIZZI range, yes, it will.

18 December 2013

IFB Project #126: Share Your Celebratory Style

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Just a foreword to shamefully admit that up until now my posts have been erratic to say the least, but over the Christmas break (which starts on Friday wooooo!) I will have so much more time, and I can properly sort out a schedule of when to post.

As a member of Independent Fashion Bloggers, I'm constantly looking for inspiration for new kinds of posts, and today I spotted that I had one day left to enter their member project for this week - a chance to share your personal holiday party style.

If you know me at all, you will know that I have a thing about velvet. And when I say 'thing' I mean obsession. Really, it's an issue.
And black. Don't even get me started on black.

Sooooo, obviously my 'celebratory style' is a combination of these two loves of mine.

Sighhing in awe at Sighh Designs

We're constantly hearing about these businesses that begin as a young person simply with a passion for creativity, and then BAM! they're selling their products all over the country (and maybe even the globe) - feature articles in magazines are forever telling us of these gifted designers and their claim to fame in the commercial industry, but when it comes to ourselves, we will always doubt that we have any chance of success.

11 December 2013

Wait, people are actually reading this?

Yesterday I received a very pleasant surprise - when out shopping (at this time I was debating whether to buy a Biba clutch bag on sale in House of Fraser) my phone suddenly buzzed with a Twitter notification - it was The Bloggers' Lounge, telling me I'd made it to their Top 5 Bloggers' of the Week!

(I was overwhelmed with such a flood of pride that I went right ahead and rewarded myself with that Biba bag - I'd earned it, after all.)

Although this blog is still just a baby compared to the hundreds of fashion bloggers who've been writing for years and have accumulated staggering fanbases, it's such a lovely thought that people are really reading and appreciating my posts, because this is what I am really passionate about and what I want to continue doing for many years to come! :)

Holly Tea http://hollytea.blogspot.co.uk/Holly’s blog reads almost like a personal diary, but with regular fashion and beauty reviews. She manages to pick out the best trends and writes about them like a pro- which for an aspiring fashion journalist is great news!
So I'd like to say thank you again to Rebecca Brown at The Bloggers' Lounge, for spreading awareness of this blog and potentially gaining me a much wider readership!


Balenciaga: Pre-Collection SS14

Angela & Roi: Donate by Colour

Affordable, classic handbags which complete your look, give to worthy causes, and don't harm animals? Impossible, I hear you mutter.
But Angela & Roi, a couple-run online handbag brand based in Boston, do just that.

7 December 2013

Black is the new...err, black? (+ some exciting news!)

Something amazing entered my life yesterday...
Ok, perhaps a slight exaggeration, but these Converse mono hi-tops are pretty gorgeous.

I will admit that the word 'black' could comfortably represent the majority of my wardrobe, and I am usually on the look out for splashes of colour to brighten it up, but how could I possibly resist these?

5 December 2013

Tapestry on the High Street

I'm currently totally lusting after stitched floral tapestry designs, and after spotting these tapestry metal tip shoes on New Look, I just had to see what else was available at high street prices: ...

2 December 2013

Beauty buy: Wine-stained lips that just keep going

With the holiday season fast-approaching, make-up is all about rich, festive shades: dark, smouldering eyes and intense lip colour.

So I've been on the hunt for a warm, vivid burgundy lipstick to pair with only the Christmassiest of outfits (I am aware that that is most probably not a word but for descriptive purposes and my sudden festive mood, it'll have to do). 

1 December 2013

Star buy: Transparent clutch

I've always avoided clutch bags, for no reason other than the lack of hands the human body possesses. To me, using 50% of my available hands to carry an oversized purse around for hours is some kind of fashion-orientated punishment, not a statement.

But recently, the clutch bag has become an enviable accessory that you simply must have. (Make that plural - a clutch bag for every party outfit would suffice.) And 'oversized' is more fashionable a word than ever, with giant envelope purses being clutched at the hips of fashion savvy girls all over the world.

22 November 2013

Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop

Previous Meadham Kirchhoff shows (left to right): SS13 / SS11 / FW12 / SS12

Meadham Kirchhoff, fast becoming a high fashion favourite, have never been ones to produce minimalist or demure garments; but in their fourth collaboration with Topshop, this eccentric designer duo have launched their weirdest and most wonderful collection to date.

8 November 2013

Fashion Role Model: Ali Michael

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If you don't recognise her name, chances are you recognise her face - notably those eyebrows that would make Cara green with envy. The 23 year old American model has climbed the career ladder in recent years to now be among the most wanted models of the fashion industry.

20 October 2013

Trending: Metallica

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Ever since I first noticed this spage-age craze taking off in the summer, I've been lusting over dozens of silvery, shimmering items - oozing an outrageous techno vibe yet a soft, dreamy feel, with this trend the sky really is the limit.