11 December 2013

Angela & Roi: Donate by Colour

Affordable, classic handbags which complete your look, give to worthy causes, and don't harm animals? Impossible, I hear you mutter.
But Angela & Roi, a couple-run online handbag brand based in Boston, do just that.

Who are Angela and Roi?
A designer duo with a mission in mind, Angela & Roi is run by Angela Lee and Roi Lee. With the handbag brand only launched in February this year, it is already looking promising, with a huge collection ranging from casual shoulder bags to funky backpacks, everyday totes to structured cross-body purses - all crafted from vegan leather and fabric. The couple aim to "combine fashion and philanthropy by colour", taking inspiration from vintage fashion but adding a new, modern touch for timeless yet affordable and guilt-free style. 

And as if that wasn't enough, Angela & Roi have just one more promise to make: as part of their 'Donate by Colour' mission, for every handbag purchased the brand will donate $5 to a non-profit organisation. (Yes, it really is possible to help thousands of people around the world by simply wearing a gorgeous handbag.)

So how does it work?
Each handbag by Angela & Roi is accompanied by a coloured ribbon, and each ribbon colour is linked to a particular cause. When a bag is purchased, $5 is automatically donated to that organisation - not only do you receive a beautifully and ethically crafted bag, you also choose to bring the world a step closer to beating cancers, AIDS, kidney disease, depression and anxiety, Alzheimer's or diabetes. 

Angela & Roi's charity partners and their associated ribbon colours

Well, how do I know I'm going to like the products?
I know you'll fall in love with just one glance at Angela & Roi's designs; it's just impossible not to. And if you still don't believe me, take a look for yourself at www.angelaroi.com - if you believe me, take a look anyway! How else are you going to get hold of the most enviable yet most environmentally and socially supportive accessory in fashion right now?

I've already got my own favourites from the brand in mind. With depression and anxiety awareness a cause very close to home, I've got my eye on this rich, forest green wonder.

Now how do I choose?!

With a range of classic, warm colours which blend right in with almost any outfit or season, Angela & Roi truly leaves it all up to you - will you choose sharp mustard, wine or silky caramel? Perhaps intense, deep purple or electric blue? Its in your hands which colour (and which cause) you go for.

Don't forget!

To browse and purchase, visit: www.angelaroi.com
Twitter: @AngelaandRoi
Instagram: @AngelaRoi


  1. I've heard about them - pretty awesome work that they do. Nice post!



    1. It really is - and beautiful bags!!
      Thank you! xxx