2 December 2013

Beauty buy: Wine-stained lips that just keep going

With the holiday season fast-approaching, make-up is all about rich, festive shades: dark, smouldering eyes and intense lip colour.

So I've been on the hunt for a warm, vivid burgundy lipstick to pair with only the Christmassiest of outfits (I am aware that that is most probably not a word but for descriptive purposes and my sudden festive mood, it'll have to do). 

I never thought I'd find a top quality lip colour by Avon - the budget cosmetics company with items rarely reaching £10 in price. But here you have it. Slightly dubious when I first applied the colour, especially when I saw the colour pretty washed-out - I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the colour grows more and more intense and vivid the more you apply. 

This shade, called Oxford Wine (from Avon's Ultra Colour lipstick range), can appear any shade from a pale mauve to velvet, midnight burgundy. The Ultra Colour range keeps its colour thanks to new-fangled pigments that 'renew' themselves when the lips are pursed together - and its true - being the lazy teen that I am, I got in from a night out and fell into bed without taking off my make-up - the next morning, my lips were still stained with a warm Oxford Wine. 

And if this deep purple isn't your cup of tea, how about choosing from the range's 29 other shades? - My other festive favourites include Mocha, Perfect Red, Scarlet Siren and Wine With Everything. Currently on offer, reduced from £7.50 to £4.50, you'd be mad not to buy (at least) one. With a slick of this lip paint and a luxe party dress, you won't need anything more for your Christmas bash.

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