7 December 2013

Black is the new...err, black? (+ some exciting news!)

Something amazing entered my life yesterday...
Ok, perhaps a slight exaggeration, but these Converse mono hi-tops are pretty gorgeous.

I will admit that the word 'black' could comfortably represent the majority of my wardrobe, and I am usually on the look out for splashes of colour to brighten it up, but how could I possibly resist these?

They go with everything. And I mean everything. I'm wearing them today with a forest green midi skirt and black knitted cropped jumper. I wore them yesterday with leather-look leggings and an oversized Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt. These hi-tops have an edge of class and cool and can transform any look into a casual image of effortlessness. (I could probably wear them with my pyjamas and I'd still feel able to leave the house, but maybe the world isn't ready for that.)

I will end this post on a last note of exciting news! I've had my first brand feature request - from Angela & Roi, an online handbag brand based in Boston. I hope to start writing today or tomorrow, and the article should be finished by the beginning of next week! X

1 comment:

  1. haha I have tons of black too - it's addictive. Nice kicks - those will match well with so much!