27 December 2013

Frizz-free curls (and NO damage from heat styling!)

I have received compliments and remarks of jealousy from straight-haired friends on my thick natural ringlets for as long as I can remember - but I couldn't disagree more. For years I've woken up morning after morning and spent up to an hour (sometimes longer) trying to tame my bedhead and have gone through regrettable haircut changes (let's just say, from hip-length to ear-length) to control the mischievous mane that is my hair.
I went through stages in my younger teens of spending forty minutes straightening every last kink out, only to step outside or, god forbid, go to bed to have all of my painstaking work reversed. 

Now however, at the age of 16 (and 11 months) I have come to an agreement with my hair. If I slather it in miracle conditioners and treatments and creams and spritzes, will it please do what I want it to?
Apparently, if I use Umberto Giannini's FRIZZI range, yes, it will.

As soon as I first spied these products - as if it wasn't enough that the unhappy girl on the front with unruly (to say the least) hair resembled a self-portrait, I knew they were my only hope.
I will admit I am a sucker for packaging. If a product comes in a shiny bottle with minimalist font and an arty sketch on the front, I probably own it. But salon-quality hair saviours for around £5 each? How could anyone say no?

Due to a 3 for 2 offer in Boots I decided to try out three of Giannini's FRIZZI products: 

Polymers in this conditioner form a film over the hair to smooth frizz and give a glossy shine - it works especially well as a pre-straightening treatment, to reduce frizzy kinks and dryness, or simply to hydrate and smooth your natural curls. This would most probably have an even greater effect on your hair if paired with the Bad Hair Day Smoothing Shampoo (they'd smell even more delicious when together too)

Smooth this cream through towel-dried hair before blow-drying to further lock in moisture and tame flyaways. My hair feels so intensely pampered when I use this; it's definitely a favourite!

I've been using this intense mask once a week as a special treat instead of the conditioner. After shampooing, gently squeeze excess water out of your hair and smooth a scoopful of this creamy mask through your locks. After five or so minutes, comb through and rinse away - the results are heavenly. Not only does it smooth and moisturise, but the special ingredient of argan oil strengthens your hair meaning it can cope a lot easier with heat styling.

It's safe to say, I love this range! After just a couple of weeks I've noticed such a difference in my hair; it stays frizz-free and manageable and I no longer find myself reaching for the straighteners in desperation. 

Check out the full range here! (Next on my list is the Transformation Fluid Silicone Serum and 3 Day Extreme Taming Spray with Weather Proof Formula) X

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