18 December 2013

Sighhing in awe at Sighh Designs

We're constantly hearing about these businesses that begin as a young person simply with a passion for creativity, and then BAM! they're selling their products all over the country (and maybe even the globe) - feature articles in magazines are forever telling us of these gifted designers and their claim to fame in the commercial industry, but when it comes to ourselves, we will always doubt that we have any chance of success.

But Polly Vadasz is living proof that if you have a passion for something, it really is possible to make it happen (if you will excuse the sickly sweet cliché). A 17 year old graphics student, her dream career of becoming a graphic designer is off to an excellent start. I first came across her online shop this summer which at that point was only selling iPhone cases - since then her designs have spread to other phone models as well as adorable pocket mirrors (two of which I recently purchased), and she hopes to add more products soon including mugs, notebooks and stickers. She even created a limited selection of greetings cards for Christmas this year!

After seeing a few of Polly's products for sale at my favourite coffee shop, Harris and Hoole in Guildford (above), I decided to go online and buy a pair of the cutest ever pocket mirrors just so that I had some evidence in my hands of her raw talent. (As I write this post I am switching between tabs to ogle her collection of phone cases - y'know I may just have to give in and get my hands on one of those too...)

Polly Vadasz's hand-drawn (yes, hand-drawn!) designs are the epitome of cool, ranging from a springtime floral pattern to snappy insults and complaints printed onto love heart candies, I cannot find fault in even one of her designs. And as if that wasn't enough to make you fall in love with this young graphic designer, the two pocket mirrors I ordered recently arrived packaged in Christmas gift wrap (featuring Polly's own designs, no doubt) with a little note of thanks as well as two mini candy canes. 

Her simple yet funky designs as well as her friendly and personal service are setting her up for a lot more success in the future, and I can only be ever so slightly envious at her artistic talent.

Don't forget to visit sighh.bigcartel.com to check out Polly's designs for yourself!

Follow @SighhDesigns on Twitter and @pollyvdsz on Instagram for the latest ideas from the creative mind herself.

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