1 December 2013

Star buy: Transparent clutch

I've always avoided clutch bags, for no reason other than the lack of hands the human body possesses. To me, using 50% of my available hands to carry an oversized purse around for hours is some kind of fashion-orientated punishment, not a statement.

But recently, the clutch bag has become an enviable accessory that you simply must have. (Make that plural - a clutch bag for every party outfit would suffice.) And 'oversized' is more fashionable a word than ever, with giant envelope purses being clutched at the hips of fashion savvy girls all over the world.

So where do these larger-than-life clutches come into my first ever 'star buy' post on this blog?:

Meet the translucent jelly envelope clutch by Topshop. Perhaps a little subtler and more understated than the space-age, gel-filled Christopher Kane example, this bargain, at a mere £15, means you have more money to spend on the dazzling outfit it will accompany. With a choice of colours between teal, fluorescent blue (pictured below), pink or jet black, these bags will add a welcome splash of colour to winter night (or day) ensembles. 

When the transparent bag craze first appeared, I turned my nose up and tutted at the stupidity and impracticality of it ('Fancy advertising the contents of your handbag to the whole of London!') - but with these semi-sheer pouches your belongings are hidden, without having to compromise on style.

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