5 December 2013

Tapestry on the High Street

I'm currently totally lusting after stitched floral tapestry designs, and after spotting these tapestry metal tip shoes on New Look, I just had to see what else was available at high street prices: ...

And as it turns out, New Look have a lot to offer! I'm never one to turn down high street fashion chains if I am guaranteed a steal, and I instantly fell in love with the huge collection of tapestry print pieces New Look are selling, so my instant idea was, of course, to write a blog post for my small selection of followers I've gained.
Here I've composed a few of my favourites in a jumbled montage:
For links to all items shown here, view my original montage >>here<<
Luckily for us, the tapestry trend isn't exactly difficult to pull off - pair your statement ornate piece with simple black or neutral garments. Why not add a pair of tapestry print plimsolls to your essential leather-look leggings and an oversized black jumper? Or chunky platform boots with a floral slip dress for ultimate Gothic glam?
Here are links to my tapestry highlights above and how to use them to create a stunning day-to-night ensemble:

The links to all of the items mentioned in this post and pictured in the montage above can be accessed here 

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