11 December 2013

Wait, people are actually reading this?

Yesterday I received a very pleasant surprise - when out shopping (at this time I was debating whether to buy a Biba clutch bag on sale in House of Fraser) my phone suddenly buzzed with a Twitter notification - it was The Bloggers' Lounge, telling me I'd made it to their Top 5 Bloggers' of the Week!

(I was overwhelmed with such a flood of pride that I went right ahead and rewarded myself with that Biba bag - I'd earned it, after all.)

Although this blog is still just a baby compared to the hundreds of fashion bloggers who've been writing for years and have accumulated staggering fanbases, it's such a lovely thought that people are really reading and appreciating my posts, because this is what I am really passionate about and what I want to continue doing for many years to come! :)

Holly Tea http://hollytea.blogspot.co.uk/Holly’s blog reads almost like a personal diary, but with regular fashion and beauty reviews. She manages to pick out the best trends and writes about them like a pro- which for an aspiring fashion journalist is great news!
So I'd like to say thank you again to Rebecca Brown at The Bloggers' Lounge, for spreading awareness of this blog and potentially gaining me a much wider readership!


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  1. Thanks for the mention Holly! You absolutely deserved a top 5 place :)