5 January 2014

Are your resolutions really going to make you healthy and happy?

In a vow to myself to this year make my blog a lot more personal with more posts sharing my opinion on things, I thought I'd start the new year off with a post discussing an issue that frequently occupies my mind.

Yep, we've all heard it. 'This year I'm going vegan' 'I'm going to run a mile every day' 'no cake' 'no crisps' 'detox once a month' - but 'unhealthy' eating habits (that are actually probably quite the norm) aren't actually the things we should be leaving in 2013.

A healthy body doesn't miraculously cook up a healthy mind. Of course it helps, but you need to take action too. Throwing all of these fad diets and detox regimes aside, look in the mirror and pick out ten things you like about your appearance today.
  • Of course I can! Brilliant! You're off to a head start.
  • Uhh, ten?! That many? TEN? Two at a push... You're just like the majority of us, one whose New Year's resolutions most probably revolve around ways to change and 'improve' yourself - rather than vowing to accept yourself more.
January 1st brings with it a tsunami of shiny new gym members in their shiny new sports gear and Nike Frees and Polar watches, new members to weightloss clubs and through-the-roof sales of at-home fitness equipment and DVDs - but I'm pretty sure the local book clubs, art classes and yoga evenings don't experience quite the same Resolution Rush.

I doubt that your list of resolutions includes words like 'destress' 'relax' 'me-time' 'self-confidence' 'happiness' or 'positivity' - no, of course not. Your rigid set of rules consists of 'workout' 'run' 'limit' 'detox' 'give up' 'ban' and without a doubt 'lose x lbs/inches'.

Forgive me. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe you are one of those who are using 2014 as a year to burn the diet handbooks, throw the scales out of the window and sink into the bath with a good book and a bar of chocolate once a week, while others thud past on the pavement below, to treat themselves to a 'hearty' bowl of spinach and egg whites when they return.
Because while many of us may train ourselves and others to believe that our resolutions are going to create a healthy, happy 'new' us, they are only creating more toxic attitudes and habits.
Sure, if you know you could probably ditch the weekly takeaways then go ahead, good for you! But make sure you leave space in your resolutions for me, me, me.

Take up something you've always wanted to, try something new every month, write down a good thing that happens everyday in a diary, keep positive quotes tacked up on your walls, set time aside every couple of days to chill out with a book and a blanket, and by 2015 you will be able to list those ten things you love about yourself (perhaps more!)

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