13 January 2014

Body Shop haul for super fresh skin

A few weeks ago I tweeted in excitement at my Body Shop skincare delivery, promising to post my thoughts on here once I'd tried and tested each product - that day has finally arrived!

As someone who is constantly struggling to find skincare products that don't harm animals and don't contain artificial ingredients or frightening chemicals and don't cost a week's pay and actually do what they're supposed to, I prayed to the Good Skin God that this combination of yummy fair trade products would do the trick.

And they have! In under three weeks, by using these skin saviours I've seen such an improvement in my skin and I feel so much more confident wearing minimal make-up - despite my inevitable doubt at trying new a new brand and routine, I was pleasantly surprised after glaring and pinching at my tired, dull typical-student skin in the mirror for what seemed like a century, to see it transformed into glowing, dewy and moisturised-without-adding-tons-of-unnecessary-oil-and-chemicals!

So, what are these miracle mastercleansers?! I hear you whisper impatiently at your computer screen:

I've used Body Shop's seaweed cleansing range before and to be honest, didn't think much of it, so I was a little sceptical to say the least when trying the tea tree wash and moisturiser. I use the facial wash every morning, which works amazingly to wake me up - its zingy scent and fresh tingle mean you can really feel it working, without it being too harsh and drying out your skin.

After washing my face, I use this tea tree lotion to lightly moisturise. Somehow this lotion manages to stay super cold in the tube, so its cool, gel-like feel refreshes and soothes my skin after cleansing. Although it is only a small tube, you'll be surprised how little you need to sufficiently coat your skin (a pea-sized blob, maybe less?) - and with the face wash and lotion pair costing you only £8, I can think of no reason why not to!

Up until three weeks ago I had no idea that blue corn existed, let alone would help my skin - turns out, it does a very good job. I use this face mask weekly in place of face wash in the morning (usually on Sundays, where I don't get up until 11am and don't actually bother doing anything with my day until at least 1pm). Apply a scoop of the mask to wet skin and leave for no more than 10 minutes (I usually find that five does the trick - the mask dries and cracks when ready) - then I wet my finger tips and gently rub the mask into my skin, where the tiny exfoliating grains do their job. Then I gently rinse off the remaining mask with warm water, and moisturise = baby soft, fresh and bright skin!

Finally, my favourite skincare product I think I've ever owned, and one I'll definitely be keeping in my trusty beauty stash for years to come. This light spray acts as a skin waker-upper as well as a dewy highlighter of sorts and a make-up fixative. After applying my make-up, I simply spritz two to three sprays on my face from a distance, to fix and hold my make-up for the day - or on more natural days, use it after moisturising for a radiant glow, making even the most exhausted girl look and feel well-refreshed and ready for the day. 
An absolute must-have for a delicate, dewy complexion.


  1. just the names are giving me a fresh chill! :)
    great mini reviews!
    Ellie,xx - New follower

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  3. Wow, thank you!! I will do :) xxx

  4. All of them look like really great products, may have to pick up the face mask, I find it's so difficult to find a good one that doesn't come with a hefty price tag! Thanks for the recommendations :) xx