20 January 2014

Cut-out for Spring with Christopher Kane

Every spring we're faced with floral prints and motifs in every form possible, from cutesy sundresses to sophisticated tailored trousers, it's a neverending trend circle year in, year out.

Thankfully this year Christopher Kane has broken this cycle and relieved us all of our misery.

Scrolling through galleries of designers' ready to wear collections with the idea of a spring trend report post in mind, I came across Kane's collection and fell in love. Fifty-four times. In an instant I abandoned the trend report and just had to dedicate an entire space on my blog to this range of botanical beauties.

Taking inspiration from the growth of flowers and their association with the female anatomy, Christopher Kane's S2014 series of outfits combined floaty chiffon and silk with suggestive cut-outs and leather to create a contrasting relationship between the delicate nature of flora and the biology of women. The innocence of calf-length pastel-hued dresses was destroyed with peekaboo petal-shaped cut-outs, while the last rainbow dresses in the show featured blown-up diagrams of flowers with repeat patterns of photosynthesis arrows which he himself stated were 'like huge textbooks blown up'.

Quirky would be an understatement for this collection, but you'd be mad not to admire its beauty. Structured co-ordinating t-shirts and skirts decorated with intricately stenciled cross-sections of flower buds, and candy-coloured sweatshirts simply addressing you with cut-out letters spelling 'flower' or 'petal', revealing a delicate layer of lace beneath.
It's safe to say I have never desired to own an entire collection more in my life - I think it is just as well I wasn't in the audience because there would've been a definite danger of me fighting my way onto the catwalk to snatch the outfits for myself.

But as if the stunning London show wasn't enough to ruffle your petals, I spied this gorgeous embroidered sweatshirt from the collection on net-a-porter.(If only I had £755 going spare.) But don't worry ladies, it'll only be so long before the high street catch on and reproduce these gorgeous styles, which are bound to be a hit trend this season, for just a fraction of the price.


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