6 January 2014

Lyle & Scott: Androgynous Winter Chic

As I sit here at my desk, warming my numb fingertips around a steaming mug of green tea (of course; the clue is in the URL), trying to lean as close to the radiator as possible without toppling inelegantly off my chair, I know one thing for sure: January is here. The month that schools mark as the beginning of the 'spring term' when actually, the UK's harsh winter weather is just beginning. (Let's just say I was on my way to college at 8:30 this morning and it was still dark. And raining. And freezing cold. My umbrella blew inside out so many times that I gave up and bitterly accepted that I would have to allow the downpour to soak me on my half hour trudge through the mud.)

And when it comes to the icy bite of January temperatures, menswear is the way to go. It is a well-known fact that in winter every young girl in Britain seems to kit herself out in as much menswear as possible - why, I ask, do they make mens' jumpers so much more comfortable? Must women always suffer for fashion, or in this case, warmth?

But it is possible to wrap yourself up warm and cosy while still remaining as fashionable as you can get - without, God forbid, wearing clothes for your own gender. Thanks to Lyle & Scott's sophisticated, excellently designed winterwear, both fashion-conscious men and women can keep the chill out for this attack of monstrous weather.

And the root of this androgynous style, you ask? L&S's tartan scarf, crafted from 100% quality lambswool. I can imagine nothing more comforting than knowing I could tumble out of my toasty bed in the morning, throw on my biggest coat and chunkiest boots, and sling a soft, snug scarf around my neck, ready to brave the darkness that is The Outside. And paired with one of the brand's signature logo sweaters, you have reached the perfect balance of effortless masculine chic.

Tonight, countless girls will sleep a little easier knowing there is a brand out there offering them the help that they need to stay looking good in these last arctic months of winter.

Don't forget to shop Lyle & Scott accessories here!


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