21 June 2014

Rich Italian skincare? Sì per favore!

You may have seen my tweet a few weeks ago now that I had received this lovely little package of free goodies from Skin&Co Roma to try out and review! With my exams now finished and all the free time in the world, I thought it's about time I got back into this blogging business. And what better way to do it than with a review of these skin-nourishing products?
Skin&Co's Truffle Therapy range uses an authentic Italian botanical formula as a base for its products. The 'beauty-truffle' or tuber melanosporum hydrates, protects and revitalises skin to help prevent signs of aging and exhaustion. These products feature not only this Umbrian truffle extract, but also other skin-loving ingredients such as shea butter and argan oil. As if this wasn't enough to make you want to slather this stuff all over your body, the deep fragrance created by French perfumers makes it almost good enough to eat.

So of course when a member of the Skin&Co team emailed me asking if I'd like to feature the brand in return for a few free samples, I just had to say yes. My samples included the Truffle Therapy Serum (£39), Truffle Therapy Cream (£36), Truffle Therapy Body Gel (£13) and Body Milk (£14). The deliciously rich creaminess of the products means you can feel your skin hydrating and waking up (and if you keep really quiet you can probably hear it whispering thank you), and the warm, exotic scent turns your skin routine with Skin&Co into a real pampering session.

After my usual cleansing routine I've been applying a small amount of Truffle Therapy Serum to my face - the 'beauty-truffle' extract stimulates the production of superoxide dismutase, an enzyme with an anti-oxidant, anti-aging effect. After allowing the serum to soak into my skin I've applied Truffle Therapy Cream, including African shea butter, vitamin E and almond oil to provide super-hydration. I've found this moisturising cream's effects really last, without my skin dring out throughout the day as some high street products will. My skin has felt so much fresher and more alive that I've been feeling much more confident going out with a bare-faced look, which I never thought a few weeks using a different moisturiser would do!

The body care products have proved just as successful. The body gel creates a light foam which leaves my skin feeling cleansed but still soft and hydrated - and the smell is amazingly de-stressing! I also tried out pouring it into hot running water for a richly calming and soothing bath (just thinking of it now is making me feel sleepy and content). The Truffle Therapy Body Milk nourishes dry, tired skin as well as giving you anti-aging, brightening results.

Even if you're not after an anti-aging skincare brand, I would strongly recommend trying these products out for a rich, nourishing pampering experience. Also included in the skincare range is a Truffle Therapy Gommage (£13), a face wash with exfoliating jojoba crystals, and Cleansing Foam (£18), a light foam wash to deep clean the skin to remove dirt, oil and make-up.

Skin&Co products are available to buy from amazon.co.uk, or their website which is also great for more information on the brand and their products.

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