6 October 2014

Is it a coat? Is it a duvet?

Its been a looong time, Blogger. After a crazy year at college taking my exams and deciding to take the opportunity to do my art foundation a year early, I now find myself at the University for the Creative Arts studying a course which, even just a month into, I am in love with - and I'm now filled with blogging inspiration and motivation!

It was almost a year ago that I wrote a post for the Bloggers' Lounge's competition to style a Lyle & Scott lambswool scarf, which I was declared one of two winners for (and am now the owner of the cosiest, most timeless scarf ever). And as the temperature suddenly plummets and the majority of the UK have awoken to steamed windows and that pang of dread at the thought of leaving the warm duvet cocoon wrapped tightly around our shivering bodies, I thought it about time for another Autumn Style Update (which is just a fancy name for me drooling over my latest find).

It was just a few weeks ago that the oh-so classic faux fur products started to pop up in my favourite stores, just like every autumn. From vintage-style collars and capes, to headbands, cossack hats and gilets, animal-friendly fur is everywhere, flooding every store with its comforting promise of warmth.

But like a velvety soft, loyal pet bear, the perfect fur coat will always be there to keep you warm. The perfect fur coat will never leave you, call you ugly or break its promises. The perfect fur coat is for life.

But where can I find this perfect fur coat??? I hear you sigh as your heart flutters at this romantic description of qualities that we can only dream of finding in humans. I happen to have stumbled upon it when browsing Whistles' latest lookbook, and almost every day I am forced back to the website to stare longingly at its thick, super soft fabric, deep pockets, cosy collar and oversized fit.

The Kumiko coat is the Holy Grail of winter coats. From "soft lilac to deep navy", it is the statement AW14 must-have. With a simple, oversized shape to create a silhouette of effortless chic, Whistles claim it'll make stumbling out of bed into the icy British air one hundred times easier.

"Providing the warmth and comfort of a Sunday lie-in, you won't feel like you have left your duvet at home."
...Is it just me, or is anyone else suddenly really sleepy?

Style this coat with a simple chic ensemble (I'm thinking something black and thick knit), Topshop's Brit lace-up boots (£42) and the sweetest glittery ankle socks from Isabel Marant (£40) and you're all set for a dreamy winter outfit that looks like you stepped right out of Narnia.

...That is, if you can afford £275 for this coat. Otherwise you could just spend £75 on this copycat ASOS version. (Ssshhh...)

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